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Salon Owner

Having a passion for business is an understatement and owning my own salon was always the goal. After many years of learning and experiencing hair in both regional and metro Melbourne, I decided to take the opportunity of my own dream salon.

Moving back to Mildura as a dedicated stylist and now owner, I feel I’ve achieved success through the commitment and passion for my beautiful staff and clients. Passing on my skills, providing a high quality service and owning a salon to be proud of.

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Beauty Style Cut

Haircut Pricing

Senior Stylist

Restyle Cut & Finish


Lets change it up or just freshen your cut



Depending on length. Your will be charged the following

Colour - Half Head of Foils


Half head is sectioned and foiled to create different shades and tones

Colour - Full Head of Foils

From $120



This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair



Neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair

Global Colour


Lets paint an overall dye onto your luscious hair

Semi Colour


Blends over those greys or enhances your natural colour

Extra Product


For any extra use of products you require